July 2024 Newsletter

Well I remember seeing a long range forecast a few months ago that said July would start out warm. I always take these with a grain of salt, to a degree, but I guess the one I saw was right. It’s a pretty warm start to the month. With that said, be sure to focus on your watering and watering systems. Step up the time that the system runs to compensate for the heat. Plants need more water now than they did in May and June. Don’t wait till you see damage to adjust your watering. With summer here and longer days, it gives a lot of time for gardening. Do your planting early in the day or in the evening if possible. Plants will handle the transplant just fine as long as you water them well as soon as they are transplanted, and make sure you give additional water for the first week or two after planting to make sure it is kept well hydrated. Also be sure to mulch to hold the moisture in the ground. Water the new planting well, and then water in with Superthrive mixed in water. This will eliminate any transplant shock that may …

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June 2024 Newsletter

It has been a beautiful spring this year and June weather is nice too, although a little warm here and there. The long range forecast shows some warm days but certainly not all. The upcoming weekend looks cooler. Lots of mid 90’s in the forecast. Well, it is getting to be summer.

April 2024 Newsletter 

We are having an average water year this year, at least here at the nursery. By my rain tracking, we are just shy of 28″. That’s two good rainfall years in a row which we need so certainly happy to have that. Lots of the rain this year was on the weekends but well, can’t do much about the weather. Looking at the forecasts, looks like we are drying out and in for some perfect spring weather. Turning out to be a very nice spring. We have a large selection of vegetable starts, and bringing more out of our greenhouse as fast as we can, so we have a good selection of vegetables for the planting season. I preach to wait until the nighttime temperatures are consistently 50 degrees, or close to it and the ground needs to be warm to get good results from your vegetables. It looks like it’s now there. Get your gardens prepped if you haven’t done that yet so you can plant your vegetable starts when the weather is right. No, it’s not late to plant. We just planted the raised beds here at the nursery yesterday. I always use Bio-Live fertilizer and bone meal …

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Mid March 2024

It’s time to do your spring fertilizing. Use an all purpose fertilizer for trees and shrubs. Use a citrus fertilizer for citrus trees. Use an acid fertilizer for Camellia, Azalea, Rhododendron, blueberries. Wait until the bloom is done on Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Then fertilize 3 times with an acid fertilizer, each time 30 days apart. Seed Potatoes are now in. $2.50 per pound. Varieties this year are:Red PontiacAustrian CrescentHuckleberry GoldUmatillaViking Purple We now have our first round of tomato plants ready for sale. $3.75 eachWe also have some squash ready and some herbs.Lots more in the greenhouse getting ready. Peppers should be ready in a couple of weeks. Bare root fruit trees are now potted. Most are $40.00 each. Peaches, Nectarines, Apples, Plums, Pluots are available. We also have citrus trees. $49.00 each. Nice spring weather we are having. Hope you can enjoy it in the garden. WE WILL BE CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY.

March 2024 Newsletter

It’s been a second nice wet winter in a row which is always a good thing. As for my rain tracking, we are at 24″ of rain on the season here at the nursery and it’s raining as I write this so we should be looking at about average rainfall this year. Maybe we’ll get a little above depending. Looks like it will continue a bit longer as far as the long range forecast shows. It will stop soon though, and then we will be into a very nice spring. Wildflower blooms should be great this year, and water levels good from a good wet winter. Get ready to start fertilizing soon As soon as deciduous trees and shrubs have their full set of leaves, you should give them their first fertilizing of the year. A balanced fertilizer works well for most things. Use a rhododendron, camellia, azalea fertilizer for your acid loving plants. Fertilize azaleas and rhododendrons after they are done blooming. Same thing for camellias. Citrus should use a citrus fertilizer. Citrus are best fertilized monthly through the growing season. Start after the threat of frost is past and continue monthly through October. Roses should be leafing out …

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February 2024 Newsletter

The selection of bare root fruit trees is still very good. The cool nights and cool days are ideal for the bare root trees, and now is the time to plant them. At the end of the month we pot up what has not been sold bare root and then the price goes up. Take advantage of bare root prices and selection and get your fruit trees in now.


Bare root fruit trees now available!

We will be holding free fruit tree pruning classes in our orchard here at the nursery. The dates of the classes are as follows: January 27th 10 am. February 3rd 10 am. February 4th 10 am.

Bare Root Fruit Trees Arrived Today. We have them worked and ready for sale now.

Our bare root fruit trees are in and are ready for sale. Shop early for the best selection. What we have is what we have for the season. No re-orders available. Our list is available on our website. It’s an excellent time to get your fruit trees in. The selection is great right now. Open 9-5 Monday Through Saturday, 10-4 Sunday. Rain or Shine. 530-743-4856