June 2023 Newsletter

Yellow lab puppies at Bald Mountain Nursery

It has been a beautiful spring this year and June weather is very nice as well. The long range forecast shows very nice temperatures with 80’s and some low 90’s over the next ten days. Nice cool weather. The plants are loving this spring.

Bald Mountain Nursery May 2023

May 2023 marks 38 years in business for us here at Bald Mountain Nursery. My parents, Richard and Cecilia Rice started the business in 1985. Richard Rice (Dad) passed away in 2005. Cecilia Rice (Mom) passed away in 2021. I started in the business in 1992 and

April 2023 Newsletter

We have a large selection of vegetable starts and more coming on in our greenhouse, plus regular deliveries, so we will have a good selection of vegetables for the planting season. As the season goes on the selection gets better. Don’t plant too early. Wait until the nighttime temperatures are consistently 50 degrees, or close to it. The ground needs to be warm…

March 2023 Newsletter

It’s been a nice wet winter this year which we needed. Looks like it will continue a bit longer as far as the long range forecast shows. It will stop soon though, and then we will be into a very nice spring. Wildflower blooms should be great this year, and water from a good wet winter.


We are overstocked this year on bare root fruit trees. Therefore we are taking 20% off all remaining bare root fruit trees still on hand. We will sell them bare root through March 12th. Cooler weather this year will keep them dormant longer so we anticipate we can sell them bare root through that date.  For most bare root fruit trees, the regular price is $32.50 each.  TAKE 20% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE ON ALL REMAINING BARE ROOT FRUIT TREES NOW THROUGH MARCH 12TH. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. NO HOLDS. YOU MUST TAKE THE TREES WHEN YOU BUY THEM. WE CANNOT HOLD BARE ROOT TREES HERE FOR ANY REASON. We hope to see you soon, Jeff

February 2023 Newsletter

The selection of bare root fruit trees is still very good. With the wet start of the year, which translated into a slow start of the bare root sales, the inventory is still excellent. The cold nights and cool days are ideal for the bare root trees, and now is the time to plant them. At the end of the month we pot up what has not been sold bare root and then the price goes up. Take advantage of bare root prices and selection and get your fruit trees in now.

Fruit Tree Pruning Classes 2023

We will be holding four fruit tree pruning classes in the new orchard here at the nursery this year. The dates of the classes are as follows: January 21st, 10 am. January 22nd, 10 am. January 28th, 10 am. January 29th, 10 am.  There is no charge for these, and reservations are not needed. Attend one or more that works best for your schedule. They last about an hour. Hope to see you there, Jeff

January 2023 Newsletter, Fruit Tree Pruning Classes

We have our fruit trees in stock now and are selling briskly. Bare root shade trees will be in within a couple of weeks and a few more miscellaneous fruit trees. Blueberries, cane berries, figs, and pomegranates in pots are in as well.

Bare Root Fruit Trees Arrived Yesterday – Ready Jan 1st.

Our bare root fruit trees are in and will be ready for sale Sunday the 1st of January. Shop early for the best selection. Demand is high and supply is tight. What we have is what we have for the season. No re-orders are available.

Roses Just Arrived, Ready Saturday 12/17/2022

Roses just arrived. They will be ready to go on Saturday 12/17/22. We are working on getting them out today.

Bush & Climber Roses – $25.00 Each Bare Root, $31.00 In Pot.
36″ Tree Roses – $59.00 Each
24″ Tree Roses – $45.00 Each