Birch, European White – $41.00, 5 gallon, $75.00, 15 gallon Camphor Tree – $35.00, 5 gallon Catalpa – $41.00, 5 gallon Cedar, Deodara – $35.00, 5 gallon, $65.00, 15 gallon, $185.00, 24″ Box Coast Redwood, Aptos Blue – $35.00, 5 gallon Cypress, Italian – $8.95, 1 gallon, $35.00, 5 gallon Cypress, Leylandii – $12.50, 1 gallon, $35.00, 5 gallon Crape Myrtle, Dynamite – $45.00, 5 gallon Crape Myrtle, Muskogee – $45.00, 5 gallon Crape Myrtle, Natchez – $45.00, 5 gallon Crape Myrtle, Red Rocket – $45.00, 5 gallon Crape Myrtle, Tuscarora – $45.00, 5 gallon Flowering Plum, Krauter Vesuvius – $41.00, 5 gallon, $75.00, 15 gallon Flowering Plum, Dwarf Purple Pony – $41.00, 5 gallon, $75.00, 15 gallon Japanese Maple, Beni Hoshi – $65.00, 5 gallon Japanese Maple, Bloodgood – $145.00, 15 gallon Japanese Maple, Coral Bark – $145.00, 15 gallon Japanese Maple, Crimson Queen – $175.00, 15 gallon Japanese Maple, Kenran – $65.00, 5 gallon Japanese Maple, Green – $175.00, 20 gallon Japanese Maple, Purple Ghost – $65.00, 5 gallon Japanese Maple, Red Dragon – $329.00, 20 gallon Japanese Maple, Seiryou – $175.00, 15 gallon Liquidambar styraciflua – $6.95, 1 gallon Magnolia St. Mary – $45.00, 5 gallon Magnolia …

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AVOCADO TREES ARE NOW IN!! We just received our Avocado Trees. We’ve got 100 in stock to choose from. Bacon – Type B Mexicola Grande – Type A Zutano – Type B Haas – Type A Avocado trees are semi self fruitful. So one tree will give you fruit. If you plant a type A, and a Type B together, you will get larger crops of fruit. Avocados need good drainage for best performance. Amend the soil liberally to give rich well drained soil. All trees are $39.00 each.


Due to the current Covid 19 situation and restrictions, we must cancel all fruit tree pruning classes this year. We apologize for the inconvenience. Very Sorry, Jeff

Bald Mountain Nursery, January 2021 Newsletter and Fruit Tree Pruning Class Dates

Bare root season is now in full swing. We have our fruit trees in stock now and are selling briskly. Bare root shade trees will be in within a couple of weeks and a few more miscellaneous fruit trees. Blueberries, cane berries, figs, and pomegranates in pots are in as well. Most standard sized fruit trees and semi-dwarf fruit trees are $26.00. There are exceptions. Complete price lists for bare root fruit trees and bare root shade trees are available at the nursery or via email by request. Bare root season goes now through the end of February. The selection of fruit trees is very large, but don’t wait till the end of the season to shop. Once a variety is sold out, it is gone until next year’s bare root season. At the end of February, the trees that are left, which should be few, are potted up and sold later in the year and the price is higher after we pot them. We also still have our full regular inventory for whatever you might need. Bare root roses are now available as well. We have a large selection of roses to choose from. We sell them bare root …

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December 2020 Newsletter

Lots of things going on in December. Our bare root roses are due in the week of December 8th. Once they arrive we will get them ready for sale. So hopefully they will be ready to go by the 12th. The bare root fruit trees will be in late in the month. We will begin working them as soon as they arrive. This usually happens the week before Christmas, but I don’t have that confirmed yet, and hopefully will be ready for sale right after Christmas. I will send out emails as soon as things are in and ready to go. Complete lists of fruit trees and roses are available at the nursery, or request one and I can send it to you via email. If you are wanting bare root fruit trees, don’t delay when they arrive. We usually don’t re-order unless it is a substantial quantity and depending on availability which it appears is going to be tight this year. So when things are gone, they are likely gone for the year. Also, we cannot hold any items without payment. You can pre-order from our list and pay, and we will tag them and set them aside so …

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Dogwoods, Rhododendrons & Japanese Maples Have Arrived.

Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, Rhododendrons arrived Friday. We have Pink, and White Dogwoods in now. Just arrived. We also just got in some Tulip magnolias, some very nice Japanese Maples, and nice Rhododendrons. We will receive another shipment in two weeks or so with living Christmas Trees, Cherokee Chief Dogwoods, and more Oregon stock Our bare root fruit tree list is now available as well. If you would like a copy, let me know and I will email one to you. Bare root fruit trees will be in late December. Hours: 9-5 Monday through Saturday, 10-4 Sunday 530-743-4856 We Hope To See You Soon, Jeff

Onion Sets and Garlic Are Now In

Onion Sets: Yellow, Red and White onions – $2.60 / pound, Sweet onions – $4.95 / pound. Garlic – $5.35 / pound Elephant Garlic – $9.25 / pound Shallots – $5.35 / pound All available now for fall planting. Cooler weather ahead. Shorter days, cool mornings. FALL PLANTING SEASON IS HERE. Daffodil, Iris, and Tulip bulbs are in. $5.99/package Our 2021 bare root price list is now available as well. If you would like one, send me an email request. I’ll send on to you. Jeff

We are open. We are adjusting hours during the current situation.

Effective April 1st, our temporary hours will be, Open Tuesday – Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-4. Closed Monday. We are an essential business and will remain open. We have vegetable starts available now and restock them weekly and will continue to do so all the way through the spring. Also fully stocked with all our plants. We are disinfecting and cleaning regularly throughout the day. We are asking everyone to maintain 6 feet distance at all times. We are also allowing one customer in the office at a time. We are adjusting our hours temporarily, Open Tuesday through Sunday and closed Monday’s, until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. Due to reduced staffing levels during the stay at home directives, we need to have one day of the week closed. Thank You for your understanding and your continued support. Jeff Rice


We are open our regular hours. Monday through Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-4. WE WILL STAY OPEN OUR REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS TO SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS. I have been getting lots of phone calls asking if we are open or adjusting our hours. WE ARE NOT CHANGING OUR HOURS. WE WILL REMAIN OPEN OUR NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. We have lots of open space which lends itself to social distancing, we are in a rural setting without crowds. We are cleaning and sanitizing areas daily and multiple times a day for carts, door knobs and all other frequently used surfaces. We have hand sanitizer available at the checkout. We can write up orders outside and customers will never have to enter the building if that is their preference. We have vegetable starts in now, citrus trees are fully stocked now, fruit trees are available in pots, and our nursery is full with all kinds of plants for your spring gardening. We appreciate your business and truly hope to see you soon. Jeff 530-743-4856


THE THIRD AND LAST OF THREE FRUIT TREE PRUNING CLINICS WILL BE THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST, AT 10 AM IN THE NURSERY ORCHARD. FREE OF CHARGE. NO REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY. LAST ONE OF THE SEASON. LEARN HOW TO PRUNE YOUR FRUIT TREES. WE WILL COVER PEACHES, NECTARINES, PEARS, PLUOTS, APPLES, PLUMS, APRICOTS, CHERRIES. WE WILL HOLD THE CLASS IN OUR ORCHARD HERE AT THE NURSERY SO PLEASE DRESS ACCORDINGLY. DRESS FOR DAMP GROUND AND COOL WEATHER. NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY. FREE COFFEE, TEA, AND HOT CHOCOLATE DURING THE CLINICS. We will also cover rose pruning, dormant spraying, and planting bare root trees and answer any questions you may have. Bare Root season continues through the end of February. Great selection of bare root fruit trees and roses and shade trees. Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, all available now as well and onion starter plants. Strawberries and rhubarb and asparagus just arrived. Also horseradish. Large Selection of Bare Root Fruit Trees Hours: 9 to 5 Monday through Saturday, 10-4 Sunday. 530-743-4856 Hope to see you soon.