2018 Bare Root Roses ready for sale. 2018 Bare root fruit trees due in later this week

All of the bare root roses are now in and ready for sale. $18.00 each for bare root bush or climber roses. If you would rather take it in the pot, they are $21.00.

  • 36″ Tree Roses $40.00 each.
  • 36″ Twofer Tree Roses $45.00 (Two varieties on one tree)
  • 24″ Tree Roses $29.50 each.

Bare Root Fruit Trees are due in later this week. We will be working on getting them sorted and heeled in and ready as soon as they arrive. Please call ahead before coming in for bare root fruit trees to verify that they have been received. I will send an additional email when they are in.

Bush Roses $18.00 ea. bare root. $21.00 ea. in pot.

36″ Tree Roses $40.00 ea. 36″ Twofer Tree Roses $45.00 ea.

24″ Tree Roses $29.50 ea.