August 2011

Vegetable Gardens

By now you should be able to hopefully be getting some vegatables. It has taken a while this year. Watch for tomato worms. Use caterpillar killer on them or pick them off and kill. Water your garden well about 2 to 3 times a week. Give it a good deep soaking when you water. You may need to fertilize one time this time of year. If you are suffering blossom end rot, add calcium.
Harvest regularly to keep your garden producing.
Hopefully it looks full now and not like the beginning of the season.

Water Water Water

With the summer heat comes the need for watering. Remember that it is better for trees inparticular to have deep soakings 2 to 3 times a week rather than daily short waterings. This will get a deeper root system and produce a tree that can withstand the long hot days much better than one that is watered daily for short periods.

If you are seeing stress from the heat such as burned leaf edges, flowers fading quickly, wilting, etc., increase the amount of water you are giving. Use Superthrive to help revive a stressed plant. It seems the biggest problem we here during the summer are customers with plant symproms described above. Usually the problem is corrected with an increase in water.

Planning Ahead For Fall

Even though it is summer now fall will be here soon. Remember fall is the best time for planting trees and shrubs. Our selection of trees and shrubs is excellent with a full inventory to choose from. If you have a place that is just too hot, consider a tree to put in to reduce the heat. Shade trees make the yard much cooler and can help to reduce cooling costs when planted on the west and south sides of the house.