Bare Root Roses Have Arrived for 2020

2020 Bare Root Roses are in and ready for sale. We are potting and staking the tree roses as I send this. They are available as well.

All of the bare root roses are now in and ready for sale. $18.00 each for bare root bush or climber roses. If you would rather take it in the pot, they are $22.00.

  • 36″ Tree Roses $45.00 each.
  • 36″ Twofer Tree Roses $49.00 (Two varieties on one tree)
  • 24″ Tree Roses $31.50 each.
Bush Roses $18.00 ea. bare root. $22.00 ea. in pot.
36″ Tree Roses $45.00 ea. 36″ Twofer Tree Roses $49.00 ea.
24″ Tree Roses $31.50 ea.

Bare Root Fruit Trees will be coming soon. I will send an additional email when they are in.