Blueberries, Cane Berries, Pomegranates, Figs Are Now In 2021

Blueberries $11.50 ea. Bluecrop, Blueray, Misty, O’Neal, Pink Lemonade, South Moon.
Dwarf Blueberries $13.50 ea. Jelly Bean, Peach Sorbet. Compact growing to 2′. Excellent for small containers or on a small porch.
When planting blueberries add acid fertilizer and peat moss to create an acidic environment they require.
Use 1 cup of Down To Earth organic acid fertilizer for each plant. A 1 lb. box is $4.69 and will do 2.5 plants. A 5 lb. box is $13.89.
Add peat moss as well as acid fertilizer. A 4 quart bag of peat moss is $5.59 and an 8 qt. bag is $6.99.

Pomegranates $20.00 – Parfianka, Pink Satin, Wonderful.
Figs $22.00 – Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Conodria, Kadota, Panache Tiger, Peter’s Honey.
Kiwi, Issai Hardy Kiwi. Self fruitful, cold hardy – $20.00
Gooseberry, Hinnonmaki Red – $15.00
Hops, Cascade & Centennial – $11.50
Olive, Manzanillo, Mission – $20.00
Mulberry, Dwarf Black Fruiting – $20.00
Chester Thornless Blackberry, Triple Crown Blackberry, Thornless Boysenberry, Ollalie Blackberry – $11.50
Heritage Red Raspberry, Caroline Red Raspberry, Fall Gold Raspberry – $11.50.
Dwarf Bush Form Raspberry & Blackberry. Baby Cakes Blackberry $14.00
Raspberry Shortcake Raspberry $14.00. Dwarf clumping forms. Will grow 2 to 3 ft. tall. Excellent for growing in containers.

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