December 2015 Newsletter, Bare Root Season Starts Soon

El Nino is going to start kicking in over the next couple of weeks from all the weather information I have been reading. And I have been reading a lot of it. We should have a very wet winter this year through March. Planting now is an excellent time to get plants established for next summer. With the forecast moisture, it is a great opportunity for the plants to get a nice healthy deep root system established before spring and summer.

Dormant Spraying

After the rain and wind, the fruit trees should be losing there leaves. If you have not been able to get the first spraying done you should be able to soon. I know in the orchard here at the nursery, I have not done the first spraying yet. I’ll get it done soon. The trees are bare of leaves so it is time. Get your first spraying done as soon as you can. The second spraying should be around Christmas and then the final spraying around Valentines Day. Spray with copper spray mixed with a dormant oil or Neem oil. The dormant oil will help it cling to the tree. Soak the entire tree including the trunk all the way to the ground. Be sure to clean up the leaves under the tree to help prevent fungus problems. Apples and pears are subject to fireblight. Spray them now and also when the newly forming buds show in the spring before the leaves come out. This will help to prevent the disease. I spray all dormant fruit trees in the orchard. It helps to reduce aphid problems on plums and pluots. With the forecasts for wet weather this year, the dormant spraying is very important.

Oregon Stock

Our shipment from Oregon arrived a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. Many people have been asking for Dogwoods which are now in along with living Christmas trees and other items. They are now in and ready for sale.

Bird Baths and Wind Chimes

We have a good selection of bird baths and an excellent selection of wind chimes. They would make nice gifts for the holidays. Come in and take a look. Very nice selection.

Protecting From Freeze

So far there has been one week of some good freeze this season. We may get more, but with the El Nino forecast it may be a bit warmer. But be sure you are prepared.The weather forecasts will usually give freeze warnings when a freeze is imminent but your particular climate may be different. If a freeze is anticipated cover your frost sensitive plants. Use a blanket or burlap etc. Use a fabric. Don’t use a plastic tarp or plastic sheeting unless you prop it up off the plant. Plastic does not insulate. It will transfer the cold directly to the plant. Be sure to remove the cover during the day to let the sun in. If you don’t want to have to cover and uncover the plants, use frost cloth. This allows the sunlight and water through but keeps the frost off. You can put it on and leave it for the winter. Also make sure the plants are well watered going into a freeze. A well watered plant will not suffer damage like a dry plant will. For citrus trees you can also string Christmas lights on them which will help to add some heat. Probably will need some of the older style since the new LED type don’t put out heat. Be ready. Last year we had a real cold snap in January and we sold out of frost cloth. So just be ready when it’s needed.

Bare Root Season

Our Blueberries and Pomegranates and Figs arrived a few weeks ago. Our bare root berries and vegetables arrived a couple of weeks ago. Our bare root roses just arrived. Bare root fruit trees will be in soon. I have attached bare root price lists to this email. We will not reorder on fruit trees or roses, so don’t delay in getting them. There are no special orders available on bare root fruit trees or roses.

Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates available for holiday giving. They are available in any denomination. If you can’t make it in, you can buy them over the phone and we can mail them to you or to the intended recipient. They make good gifts for the gardener. We don’t charge extra to mail them.

We Are Still Expanding The Hillside Display Garden

We are building more trails on the hillside at the east end of the nursery. We are building another bridge to cross the creek/drainage ditch so soon will have two accesses to the garden. It is a very nice peaceful place to walk through. When you come in we invite you to take a walk through and spend some time and relax on the benches we have there. It is a really pretty and relaxing area. We also welcome groups and or garden clubs to use the area to hold meetings or get togethers. We put in a garden railroad last spring. It’s fun to watch. Limited running in the winter due to rain but still fun to watch. If you are in and want to see it run just ask me. I love running it.

Lots of work to do around here with bare root items arriving. We are here daily all through the winter. We won’t change our hours. Everyday 9 to 5, rain or shine. Hopefuuly more rain than shine. We’ve had a great start to the rainy season. As of today we are at 105% of normal precipitation. Farmers almanac says wet winter ahead. That is good news. We need the rain.

Closed December 24th & 25th for Christmas and January 1st.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

We hope to see you soon.