Avocados Arrived 4/17/19

We just received our Avocados. We have Bacon, Mexicola, Zutano, all of which are cold hardy for our area. Mexicola cross pollinates with Bacon or Zutano. Zutano and Bacon do not cross pollinate with each other. Trees are semi self fruitful but having A Mexicola with one of the other varieties for cross pollination will produce larger crops of fruit. All varieties produce fruit.

Avocados need good drainage and some afternoon shade in the hottest part of the summer.

We also have 5 Hass avocados. They are not cold hardy for our area but some people have had success if they are planted in an area that does not get hard freezes. If you want to try a Hass, you must find an area that is protected from freeze. Most normal areas around here are not good. Choose your location carefully if you want to grow a Hass avocado in our area.

Avocados are $36.00 each.