December 2016 Newsletters

Lots of things going on in December. We are currently getting prepared for our roses that will be shipped the first week of December. We just got the mix in and the pots are ready. When they arrive it takes a couple of days to get them ready for sale but I would guess if all goes as planned, they will be ready to go by the end of the week next week. I will let you know via email notification when they are ready. After roses come in and are done, the bare root fruit trees will be in. Again, I will let you know when the fruit trees are in and ready. Complete lists of fruit trees and roses are available at the nursery, or request one and I can send it to you via email.
If you are wanting bare root fruit trees, don’t delay when they arrive. We have already pre sold lots of fruit trees. Golden Delicious apple is already sold out and our supplier inventory is low so when things are gone, they are likely gone for the year. Also, we cannot hold any items without payment.

Dormant Spraying

It’s taken a while this year for it to get cold but the last few nights should cause the leaves on the fruit trees to fall off soon. As soon as they do, you’ll need to get your first dormant spraying done. Use copper mixed with horticultural oil or neem oil and spray the entire tree. Spray all of your deciduous fruit trees. even if leaf curl is not an issue, it will help to prevent other diseases and to kill overwintering insects. Be sure you get this done 3 times throughout the dormant season.

Blueberries and Dogwoods and Live Christmas Trees Are All In.

We have a nice selection of blueberries and bare root berries in now. When you plant blueberries, be sure to add soil sulfur and acid fertilizer. If you want to grow them in pots, which works very well, we have acid lovers planting mix that you would mix with fir bark and add sulfur and acid fertilizer to the mix and you can grow them in pots. Pots or raised beds work much better for blueberries than straight into the ground because of the heavy clay soil.

Now is a great time to plant blueberries and bare root berries while the selection is good and the ground is soft.

Dogwoods and living Christmas Trees are now in. We have already sold quite a few of the living Christmas Trees and have ordered more. So the selection should be good for the next week or two.

And our inventory is full for whatever else you may want. Except citrus tends to be low this time of year. Owari Satsuma mandarines we do have lots of. They are not as frost sensitive.

Frost Cloth

The nights are starting to get cold. Be sure to protect frost sensitive plants. We carry frost cloth in packages that are 10’x12′ for $12.29 each. Or we have a bulk roll that is 12’x 250′ which we sell for .10 cents a lineal foot. So if you need more length we can measure off just what you need.

Gift Certificates

We sell gift certificates for holiday giving. If you can’t make it in, we can sell them over the phone and mail them to you or to the recipient. Just call and let us know the amount and pay over the phone and we will send it. Or you can come in and buy it.

Gift Ideas

We have a nice selection of wind chimes and metal garden art and ornamental pots and rain gauges. All would make nice gifts. Of course a full selection of plants or gift certificates as well.

We hope to see you soon.