Bare Root Berries and Blueberries and Artichokes, Asparagus, and Rhubarb are now in.

Blueberries $10.00 ea. Bluecrop, Blueray, misty, O’Neal, Pink Lemonade, South Moon

When planting blueberries add soil sulfur to create an acidic environment they require. Use 8 oz. for each plant. Soil Sulfur 2.5# bag. $8.39

Pomegranates $15.00 – Eversweet, Parfianka, Pink Satin, Wonderful.

Figs $18.00 – Black Jack, Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Conodria, Kadota.

Thornless balckberry, Olallie Blackberry, Boysenberry – $6.50 ea.

Heritage Raspberry, Canby Red Raspberry, Fall Gold Raspberry – $4.50 ea.

Artichokes, Greeen Globe – $4.95 ea.

Artichoke, Jerusulem – $1.50 ea.

Asparagus – $9.25 per bundle of 10

Rhubarb, Victoria Cherry – $4.00 ea.