November 2016 Newsletter

The month of October was much wetter than a normal October. I’ve heard the second wettest on record in some spots to even more in other spots. Here at the nursery we had 5.25″ of rain in October. Lots of things needing done before the rain didn’t get done for me but it looks dry for a bit now so time to get caught up. And still an excellent time for getting fall planting done.

Dormant Spray on Fruit Trees

This month you will need to be thinking about spraying your first dormant spray on your fruit trees to prevent leaf curl. Use liquid copper and horticultural oil to spray the trees when they are dormant. Looking at the orchard here at the nursery, it looks like about 3 weeks or so and they will need their first spraying. Once the trees have lost their leaves is when you want to do your first application. You will do two more applications after for a total of three. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day are easy dates to remember. But you have to watch the weather and the trees. Sometime they will not have lost all of their leaves by Thanksgiving and if we get a warm snap in February, the final spaying will need done earlier. But be sure to get 3 sprayings done to prevent leaf curl. I spray all my trees in the orchard. It hepls to stop other diseases such as fireblight and it also kills over wintering insects. It’s also a good idea to rake up the old leaves to help prevent disease and insect problems too.

Winter Vegetables

Your winter vegetables should be growing well now. If you are having bug problems try insecticidal soap or Neem oil on them. Both are organic insect control. Still, be sure you wash them before eating.

Bare Root Berries and Artichokes and Asparagus Arriving Soon

Our bare root berries and artichokes and rhubarb and asparagus usually come in the third week of the month or so. Sometimes the second week. I have not been informed of a ship date from our suppliers yet but they will be in soon. Also soon to come in will be blueberries and pomegranates and figs. I will send an email out when they arrive but you can start getting the area prepared. When you plant blueberries, add some soil sulfur and peat moss to create an acid environment for them. If you are going to grow them in a pot, mix pine for fir bark 50/50 with the potting soil. Blueberries like good drainage so if planting in the ground, be sure to ammend the soil very well.

Blue Spruce and Dogwoods

Our shipment of living Christmas Trees such as Blue Spruce and our Dogwoods will be shipped next week. The week of the 7th, probably late in the week. As soon as they arrive we have them inspected by the county and then they are ready for sale. I will let eveyone know as soon as they are in and ready to go.

Bare Root Roses and Fruit Trees

Bare root roses will be arriving in mid December and bare root fruit trees will arrive in late December. We have complete lists available at the nursery or you can email me and I can send you lists via email. I will notify via email when things arrive.

Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates available for holiday giving. We can sell them over the phone via credit card and send the gift certificate to you or direct to the recipient. We do not sell them online. We can email gift certificates to you as well if time is short.

We have a nice full inventory as well as a new selection of wind chimes and metal garden art and a good selection of decorative pots. Lots of good possibilities for gifts for gardeners.

A reminder on our hours. We are here 9-5 Monday through Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday. We do not change our hours for winter or close because of rain. We frequently get questions about that so I just want to let everyone know that nothing changes for winter or rain.

Very nice fall weather we are having this year. Get out and enjoy it and we hope to see you soon.