November 2012 Newsletter

Upcoming at Bald Mountain Nursery:

  • Bare root berries and vegetables arrive in November.
  • Oregon stock will be in later in November which includes Dogwoods & Japanese Maple and living Christmas trees. Also climbing hydrangea, hosta, daphne, and many other items.
  • Bare root roses arrive in December. Lists are available at the nursery or request one and I can send it via email.
  • Bare root fruit trees arrive the first week of January. Complete lists are available at the nursery or request one and I will send it to you via email. If you wish to buy early you can pay and we will tag the trees once they arrive and call you. This way you can get exactly what you want from our list. Sorry there are no special orders on bare root items.
  • Bare root fruit tree planting clinic– sometime in January, date will be announced.
  • Fruit tree pruning clinic. Sometime in January and in February. Dates will be announced.
  • Other clinics you would like to see? Let us know. We’ll see if we can do it.
  • Don’t forget to do your 3 dormant sprayings for leaf curl on fruit trees. The dates to remember are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day.

November Gardening Tips

Well it finally feels like fall. The weather through September and October was unseasonably warm. Just the past week or so it has gotten quite a bit cooler and we had some nice rain. The fall colors are really showing now. And it is still an excellent time for fall planting.

Fall fertilizing should have been done by now. If you forgot to do it you can still do it if the plants have not gone dormant yet. If they are already in fall color and starting to lose leaves best to wait until spring.

Dormant spraying of fruit trees will be coming up soon. This will be the first of three aplications. Make sure the trees have lost their leaves before spraying. Remember “Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day as dates to remember for the dormant spraying. Make sure to spray all three times to prevent leaf curl. Use copper spray and mix a dormant oil with it. We use copper and Saf-T-Side from Monterey mixed together with good results. The Saf-T-Side is a horticultural oil that helps the copper to stick to the tree. Be sure to soak the tree all the way down the trunk and all the branches and spray the ground underneath. Also cleaning up the leaves and any fallen fruit under the tree will also help to prevent fungus problems in the spring. The important things to remember are to mix a dormant oil with the copper to help it stick to the tree and make sure it has time to dry on the tree before rain or heavy dew. And make sure to do it three times in the dormant season.

With the rain coming in the next few weeks, be sure to break down basins from around trees that you had in place for the deep soaking during the summer. You don’t want your trees standing in water all winter.

Now is an excellent time to plant pasture seed or lawn seed. If you have an area that needs erosion control plant annual rye. The light rain and cool weather will help it sprout and it will take hold before the heavy rain and stop the erosion.

Plant wildflower seeds in November for spring bloom.

Watch for freezing weather later this month. Last year we had our first frosts around Thanksgiving. Use frost cloth over frost sensitive plants. You can put it on and leave it on. It lets the sun shine through during the day and traps that heat in over night and keeps the frost off sensitive plants. We carry it in 5′ x 25′ size.
Recycle your used pots here. We will take all your used pots here at the nursery so they don’t end up in the landfill. It’s good for the environment and we reuse them which also keeps our costs down which helps us keep our prices reasonable.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we are having. Get the fall planting done this month while it is cool and the rain will help establish your plants.

Hope to see you soon.

November Specials Prices

Good through November 30th. Limited to stock on hand.

Fruitless Mulberry
15 gallon

Fox Farm Big Bloom liquid plant food. Organic liquid fertilizer. .01-.3-.7
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1 gal. Reg. $44.99 Now $22.50

Fox Farm Grow Big liquid concentrate fertilizer 6-4-4
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Fox Farm Tiger Bloom liquid fertilizer 2-8-4
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All 1 gallon Butterfly Bush

All Ornamental Grasses
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All Lantana
1 gallon $3.95
5 gallon trees $14.50 or 3 for $39.00. Choose from:
Giant Sequoia
Ca Sycamore
Cotonless Cottonwood
Empress Tree
Lombardy Poplar
Weeping Willow