October 2012 Newsletter

Well the first few weeks of fall did not really feel like it but after the last few nights it feels like fall. Nice and cool in the mornings and perfect days. This is a great time of year and as we always tell our customers it is the best time to plant. Trees and shrubs get established without the heat but before the cold and are set to put out new growth in the spring with well established roots that will take them through their first summer without the stress from the heat that a plant with a less established root has.

Trees are starting to show fall color a little bit now with the cool nights so you can see what color you will be getting when you buy your trees. The selection is good and the colors will be beautiful over the next few weeks.

Our Fall Flyer is still in effect. Sale prices good through October 31st. Pick up a copy at the nursery or go to our website and view a copy or request it via email and I can send it to you.

Final markdown on roses.
$10.00 each for all remaining bush and climber roses.
All remaining tree roses $19.95 each. 

Remember dormant spraying of fruit trees.
If you have fruit that has fallen off your fruit trees that you were not able to use be sure to clean it up regularly. Fallen fruit and leaves should be cleaned up from under your fruit trees so they don’t give a place for fungus to grow. And don’t forget to plan for dormant spraying of your fruit trees. The three dates to remember are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines day. Lime sulfer spray is no longer available so the spray to use for dormant spray is copper spray. We carry Liqui-Cop. We mix a dormant oil such as Saf-T-Side with the copper spray. We get better results than spraying the copper by itself because it helps it to cling to the tree rather than running off. It also helps to kill overwintering insects. Remember to spray three times during the dormant season to avoid leaf curl. leaf curl has been especially bad the last couple of seasons because of wet springs. If you don’t remember to spray it will be much worse.

If you have not done fall fertilizing, now is the time to get it done. The weather is cool and you want to get it done before plants go dormant. If the plants go dormant, then they do not utilize the fertilizer. This fertilizing is important since it helps with vigor going into the winter and gives them food to store for next spring that they will use when they first come out of dormancy.

Plant your winter vegetables now. Get this done soon so they can get established before the weather gets cold. We have them available now. If you were not able to attend the winter vegetable gardening clinic, ask for the handout when you come to get your vegetables. Lots of good information in it.

We will be getting our berries and artichokes and asparagus in November. Our bare root fruit trees will be available in January. The list will be available in a week or so. If you would like a list sent via email, let me know and I will send it as soon as I have it complete. I got a little behind this year. It should be done soon.

Recycle your used containers. We will gladly take your used containers. you can drop them off on your next shopping trip or any time. if we are closed when you are coming by you can leave them next to the fence and we will pick them up. This will keep them out of the landfill.

We hope to see you soon for all your fall planting and gardening needs.